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Chapter 28: Im on this. This is the beginning of a campaign that I started thinking about back in 2020. Left with my creative devices at the time, I wanted to tell my story through song and experiences that also reminded me of where I came from. So like a biography through music I came up with Chapters. Each representing a song i have written in the order upon it was conceived. All the images are from where i grew up. The street i grew up on, the beach i would go to, the high school of high schools and neighborhoods we rode through. ‘Im on this’ is the first installment of a chapter a month. The Chapter’s songs are either alternative versions of already released music or new tunes. So this is my story.

This song was written specifically for a script ‘A Poor Kids Guide to Success’ put together by two close friends of mine. One of which i went to college with so we had known each other for about 10+ years. A good friend and would even be described as family. This was their follow up script and this would even be my follow up song. I had written Carousel for their movie LHRO which eventually didn’t ever get made. With a lot of tenacity, contacts, savviness, friends, and will, they were able to turn words from paper into an indie film called APKGS.

When i initially read the script there was a scene that really landed and pulled heart strings. These were real events, I knew the stories of how my friend grew up, but then experiencing them through their creative art inspired me to write about it.

Growing in the 90’s and early 00’s there was so much great music and especially in film. I absolutely loved when a movie had a killer sound track. Reservoir Dogs, Garden State, Singles, Cant Hardly Wait. So writing something for a script was an honor for me to get my hands on.

The problem was the chorus, I was stumped on it. Didn’t know what to do with it melodically. I was taking a work trip to NY. I love walking around that city and listening to music. One of my favorite things to do, period. Before i left i made a voice note of the makings of that song. I was going to walk and hum and hum and walk. Thats where i figured it out, on the streets of NY, it all came together.

I later recorded this song on the album Foregone Conclusion with Jeff Trott. Im incredibly happy with the way that whole album turned out. I just will always have such a soft spot for the acoustic version. Its open, its raw, it has depth behind it.

Ill never forget one of the more powerful moments in my short performing career, I got submitted to a songwriters circle at Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta. That place is legendary. If you get to stand on stage there you feel the magic that the others before you have left behind. This place was packed to the gills as some of the bands were local. Then lucky me I get put up against one of those locals who had a lot of support. You move to the next round through audience applause and I was up first.

Being up first was actually a blessing. I needed to do something to win this crowd over. I was in my Johnny Cash black and my red guitar. No shoes. Just me. There were probably a few hundred people there. Lined up in the rafters. I probably put on one of my better performances that night. I did my best to put the listeners in that moment of the script that i felt when i read it. I stepped away from the mic in the second verse. Pressed mute on my pedal so I could connect with them on a whole other level. Raw. I could feel everyones eyes on me. I noticed no one was talking. no one was distracted. I let my voice fly in the room with no accompaniment. I sang “Its just like my life’s on tape; I press rewind just to see you breath”. As I came in with the guitar slamming on every syllable of “*Ox-*Y-*Gen you take…will replace, my plans for you.”

It was memorable. I received an unbelievable amount of support after that performance. And even though i knew my fate once the other band was announced, no one was going to take that away from me.

Chapter 28 in my book of chapters. I’m on this way, back home.