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Silent Love, a song that’s been sitting on the shelf for over 10 years. Video footage thats been in the can for just as long. I felt like now was the perfect time to release a Christmas tune built in a modern day dramatic tale. It’s always fun to fuddle around with lyrics to songs everyone knows. Weird Al had a blast with that idea. I remember i brought this to my bandmate and producer Rob Whalen one day. I didn’t think much of it. I literally handed him these lyrics with the vocals and said “whatever you want to do with this”. From the production, the ambient sounds, his wife Gretta’s voice, the cello…it was all him. The magic of who he is. One of the most talented individuals i’ve ever met. On this thanksgiving weekend I would like to shout out Rob and his wife Gretta. For lending their incredible gifts to a random idea i may have had. To Jamie and her cello. It really moves me when things i can see and hear become reality. Without Rob i’d be left singing in the shower. Thank you brother.