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Surrounded by all of my things. Where do i begin to start this story. Well most stories start rom the beginning. Since i don’t know the ending i might as well start right in the middle somewhere. In a moment, looking back, was when i was moving from one side of me to another. The moment I decided it was time i go into therapy for many different reasons. I knew i needed to grow as a person and that i had more to give, I just wasn’t sure how to do that or where to begin. I needed help and I couldn’t do it on my own. Instead of talk therapy i wanted something different. Something that could tap into the places i didn’t know how to reach inside of myself. To have the courage to ask for that. Lucky enough to have a friend i’ll call Lee, introduce me to Ginger, my hypnotherapist. Both whom i consider family now. That’s where things turned for me looking back. I’ll never forget my first session. It was sharp but i was ready for it. I knew i was playing some kind of victim but i also knew i didn’t quite have the tools to get out. The phrase that always came to mind is when i was asked, “what do you feel passionately about doing?” the only answer i could come up with was, “I just want to help people. I don’t know how that will look, but that’s what i feel like i need to do.”

Before this time I was an artist, a songwriter, a performer, working in the music industry. But creating music was something that kept me alive. It was my form of therapy. It was my form of meditation. I just didn’t quite understand that at the time. I didn’t know that’s what it was doing for me. It helped me through hard times, heartbreaks, loneliness, it was a friend, an expression, a release, and i wasn’t bad. I loved writing lyrics, the poetry of it all. coming up with melodies. Being alone in my room jamming to tunes that meant so much to me I’d prefer over drunken evenings sliding down the street. This was my Shotgun Honeymoon. My moniker that allowed me to be that person and lean into that world of music, emotion, and story telling. The literal definition in my own words: Saying yes to something you are passionate about. In that moment. Whether it’s love, or lust, or knowledge or trust. Leaning in blindly or bust.

It was only until I lost my voice in a freak accident did i realize how much I relied on it. In so many different ways…

Spoiler alert, which eventually led to me starting my own company called The Middle Branch. In a very, very, very long and winding road. The Middle Branch is basically my last name Mellgren translating into Middle (Mel) and Branch(Gren) in Swedish. I use this company to inspire others thru sound, meditation, life coaching, energy healing, music therapy, and any of the other skill sets I have that can help people move forward in their lives. To help people. To help. I turned my music from helping me to helping others and i couldn’t have imagined in a zillion years i’d be doing what i’m doing. But i’m doing it. So it can happen. If you believe in your own superpower.

So I’m starting this Blog to tell my story. Its going to go backwards, forwards, present day, previous days, and days that i never thought i’d speak of.

This is me, Eric Lee…Mellgren.


Photo cred: Jill Augusto